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Learn Spanish! 

 Guide Books & Maps | Learn Spanish | Video 
100 Hot Books to Read on Vacation 

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  Berlitz Basic Spanish
System - This is no quick learn for travelers who want only a few key phrases: it provides a complete course and a step-by-step learning method unique to Berlitz. This package uses three 60-minute audio cassettes, a study guide, and listen-and-repeat conversations to teach and reinforce the language learning process. An invaluable guide is created. 
  The Berlitz Self-Teacher : Spanish
Book - An excellent way to get started in Spanish. Each lesson takes you through a conversation, illustrating a grammatical point (and teaching you vocabulary along the way). The grammar is illustrated through the conversation first, then certain grammatical rules are pointed out. This way, one can learn Spanish the way one usually learns their own native language; specifically, by hearing the sentence structure over and over again and "absorbing" the rules.
Berlitz Spanish Phrase Book & Dictionary
Paperback - 224 pages Revised edition (March 1998)
  Learn to Speak Spanish 8.0
Software - Four complete courses cover 100 exercises, including pronunciation, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar. Other features include the Pre-Assessment Test, Customized Study Plan, Subject-Specific Study Topics, Progress Tracking, Interactive Lessons, Language Study Group, and Personal Tutor.
JumpStart Spanish
Software - If exposing your little ones to beginning Spanish is the point, this is a good starting point. Using JumpStart-type animations and activities to deliver the goods, this preschool software introduces the most basic of Spanish words and phrases, as well as a little of Spanish culture and music. From Mr. Hopsalot's tree-top clubhouse, kids click on various objects to visit activities that instruct by written word and pronunciation.
Rosetta Stone: Spanish Explorer Ages 6...
Software - Unlike language learning programs that rely on text translation, The Rosetta Stone uses carefully selected pictures to clearly convey the meaning of each new spoken phrase. By invoking the mind's inherent ability to connect sound and meaning, learning occurs naturally and easily, the way you learned your first language as a child. With each new concept, your comprehension is verified with instantaneous feedback, confirming your progress.
Spanish Now! 8.0
Software - Learn language through conversation practice, not grammar exercises. If you have had some Spanish and want to improve your speaking abilities, this is a good program for you, but if you have never had Spanish and would like to understand grammar concepts, this program will not provide a chapter based grammar, learning program.
Spanish for Gringos Video - If you want an easy introduction and you're short on time and energy, then this is a nice introduction that quickly gets you up to speed on some basics...don't expect to be given a difficult work-out here.
Basic Spanish by Video
Video - This video will help you learn or brush up on a second language for travel, business or pleasure. Prepare yourself to see the world while studying at your own pace.
Little Language Learners Spanish - A Day...
Video - This series is designed for ages three to ten, but can be enjoyed by all beginning Spanish students. Look for other volumes in the series.

 Guide Books & Maps | Learn Spanish | Video 
100 Hot Books to Read on Vacation 

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