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The Riviera Maya

Cancun | Isla Mujeres | Cozumel | Tulúm | Riviera Maya

Mexico, a country whose cultural, historic and natural heritage is famous throughout the world, opens its doors with a new tourist destination: the Riviera Maya.

This stunning region, located on the far eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, is made up of small independent communities where there are infinite possibilities for exploration and enjoyment. The most beautiful sea in the world, the Caribbean, extends out to the horizon while its incredible turquoise waters softly caress the brilliant white sand of miles of beautiful beaches.

In the past few decades, the northern portion of the coast has been the object of intensive tourist development, mainly the internationally famous city of Cancun.

Toward the south, leaving behind the luxurious hotels and shopping centers, another world opens up. Here the towns are smaller and there are fewer tourists with miles of solitary virgin beaches, sparkling white sand and crystalline turquoise waters stretching out before one's eyes. The second largest reef system in the world, the Great Maya Reef, runs along the coastline and an unrestrained jungle surrounds the towns and beaches. In this part of the Mexican Caribbean, full of exotic tropical animals peering or flying through the branches, there are many places to explore. A unique and complex underground river system flows beneath the surface and surprises visitors with magical caverns, caves and cenotes (sinkholes). There are also hundreds of archaeological sites, remnants of the incredible and timeless Mayan civilization, and a spectacular and plentiful marine life.

This world is for those who seek closer contact with nature, for here nature rules. The Riviera Maya, from Punta Brava to Punta Allen, is a virtual explosion of color and surprise, for the most part without intensive development. It is a region for exploring, with easy transportation between towns and other places of interest, where visitors can discover beautiful corners and be astonished by new marvels every day.

The options for accommodations, activity and dining are incredibly diverse within this paradise. Whether one's taste is for five star hotels, impeccable service and exquisite cuisine or sleeping in the moonlight with only the stars for company and a daily diet of fresh seafood, one finds it here. Golf courses, yachts and deep sea fishing are as easy to find as scuba diving the reef, tours to archaeological sites and jungle treks. After a day of leisure or full of adventure, fresh lobster and fine wine, homemade pasta or a taco at a small Mexican restaurant will satisfy every palate. For relaxation, there is a variety of different techniques of massage offered along the coast.

Ecology is a major concern among the people who live here. There are beach clean-ups and ecological educational campaigns every month. Water treatment plants and composting WC's are also being constructed in many tourist centers. This attempt to conserve and respect the natural surroundings has helped maintain the incredible beauty of the area, attracting visitors who share this consciousness. With the help of the traveler who chooses to explore this paradise, its beauty will be preserved for years to come.

Cancun | Isla Mujeres | Cozumel | Tulúm | Riviera Maya