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Rental Cars

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Car Rental Agencies

Renting a car is simple in Cancun as all the major car companies have locations in the airport. Some also have offices downtown and in the Hotel Zone. An economy car with air-conditioning, manual transmission, and unlimited mileage begins at $50 a day or about $300 a week. This does not include the 10% tax. 

To rent, you must be at least 25 years old with a driver’s license and a major credit card. Read the small print on your contract – generally you are responsible for any damages (property, personal or to the car) as well as loss of the vehicle. Before signing make note of any dents or scratches. Mileage given will depend on the individual company. You should also check to see what coverage your personal auto-insurance policy and credit cards provide. Regardless of any coverage you may have you must buy Mexican auto-liability insurance. The fee for this insurance is usually included in the cost of the car. Before leaving with your car make sure you have proof of purchase for the insurance—driving without is against the law and you will be held liable for all damages. If you are in an accident without insurance you will be put in jail until proven innocent or until you have paid for all damages. Note: Certain rental cars (such as Nissan Tsurus) are targeted as easy prospects for thieves. Never leave anything of value in the trunk of the car for any extended period of time. If you return to your vehicle and experience problems opening the trunk with your key, a thief has most likely paid you a visit. 

The main coastal highway extending from Cancun to Chetumal is Highway 307. From Cancun down to Xcaret this highway road is a well-lit, four-lane highway with traffic lights. It is also is a very busy stretch of road with many drivers commuting from Cancun to Playa del Carmen. Defensive driving is a must. Past Xcaret, the road converts to a well-maintained two-lane coastal highway until Chetumal. Past Tulum traffic slows down considerably. Also at Tulum is another main highway that goes inland to Cobá and then up north to Chichén Itzá. Side roads off Highway 307 turn towards the beach or into the jungle; their condition varies from pot-holed dirt tracks to decent double lane roads. Highway 180 is the main highway from Cancun to Mérida. This is known as the free road and passes through many small villages. The speed bumps on the outskirts of the various villages can slow you down considerably. There is also a toll road that resembles a super highway. The full toll from Cancun to Mérida is about $30.

All the road signs are in Spanish but are easily recognizable. Speed limits are: 40 kph (25 mph) for downtown Cancun; 60 kph (40 mph) in the Hotel Zone; 85 to 100 kph (55 to 75 mph) on the highway. Watch for the speed bumps both in town and on the highway indicated by the yellow signs with little mountains in them.


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