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OK, so you came on vacation to Cancun and absolutely loved it and do not want to leave. That feeling is actually more closely associated with the dread of returning to work on Monday morning.  If that feeling persists after you got back to your daily routine you can always buy yourself spot in paradise. Whether your interest is in having an annual one week vacation club package or setting new roots for yourself in the Mayan Riviera, Visit Cancun provides for you all the information that you would need for investing in property in Cancun.    

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There are many ways you can do this with a very popular option being Interval Ownership or Timeshare.

The steps and procedures when purchasing property in Mexico is very different than that in your home country. When  investing  in property in any foreign country, good solid information is the most important  tool that you will ever get.  In Mexico, real estate agents are not required to have a license in order  to work in the industry.  There does exist an Association A.M.P.I. (Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals) whose members subscribe to a code of ethics similar to that of the American National Association of Realtors.  Although you may have a very reputable Real Estate Agency helping you in your purchase, please remember that they are working for commissions and are not providing completely independent information. In the past there has been instances of fraud or errors by inexperienced agents that have created problems or financial losses for unsuspecting buyers. Most often this could have been prevented if the client had taken the extra step of consulting with a lawyer or notary to do some independent research on the property that they were purchasing. 

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