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The Cancun Area

Cancun | Isla Mujeres | Cozumel | Tulúm | Riviera Maya

Cancún is famous for its beaches and nightlife, primarily because it's among the most popular destinations for college students on spring break.  However, many travelers mistakenly believe this is all Cancún has to offer, when, in fact, the Cancún area caters to travelers of all ages and interests.

While there's no doubt you can find entertainment 24 hours a day in Cancún, it's also true that you can just as easily relax in luxury.  Kick back in a hammock, savor the warm breeze, and open that book you've been meaning to read.  Engage in a little people watching while sipping the exotic flavors of a frozen beverage. And there's nothing to stop you from exploring Cancún's "Hotel Zone," the strip of resorts connected to the mainland by two bridges.  Enjoy a dinner cruise aboard the Cancún Queen, a classic paddle wheeler, and dance the night away after a gourmet meal.  Buses also run along the island every few minutes, so you can explore beaches and attractions throughout the Riviera Maya, the Mexican-Caribbean coastline surrounding Cancún.

Cancún City, or "Centro," is a fantastic diversion from the glitz of the Hotel Zone.  Here you'll find reasonably priced restaurants away from the crowds.  There's no lack of shopping in Centro either, with everything from upscale boutiques and specialty shops to open air markets.  Looking for a bit of excitement?  Witness an authentic bull fight, held every Wednesday night at the Bull Ring in Centro.

Eight miles from Cancún you'll find Isla Mujeres.  Although it's a mere five miles long and half a mile wide, there's plenty to do on this charming and tranquil island.  Visit the Turtle Farm to view giant sea turtles and to help the conservation efforts of the islanders.  And if you're feeling adventurous, try zip line flights and bungee jumping, experiences sure to make your trip to Isla Mujeres unforgettable.

Be sure to visit Tulúm, the third most visited archaeological site in Mexico.  Home to the well-preserved ruins of a beachside Mayan city, Tulúm is arguably the best place for a dip in the ocean.  Wade into the surf and turn around to see authentic ruins on the hillside, an amazing backdrop to a refreshing swim.

Two hours from Cancún is Cozumel, a world-class scuba diving site boasting stunning marine diversity and access to the world's second largest coral reef.  Chankanaab National Park, a nature reserve and botanical garden, offers snorkeling, diving, and the chance to swim with dolphins.  Because less than five percent of Cozumel is developed, it's the ideal place to savor a little seclusion.  Consider horseback riding to see the abundance of wild orchids sprinkled throughout the Mayan jungle.  

Cancún can cater to the tastes of any traveler, from college students on spring break to retired couples on second honeymoons. Renting Cancún timeshares is a great way to enhance the quality of your next vacation. Timeshare rentals often cost hundreds less than renting similar quality hotel rooms, with the benefit of larger, more luxurious living space. If you want accommodations away from the Hotel Zone, consider affordable Cozumel timeshares to gain access to unmatchable beaches, a plethora of water activities, and many well-groomed biking and hiking trails.